Chronology of Knife Attacks at Nice French Church, 1 Woman Beheaded Page all

NICE, – A man with a knife attack church of Nice, France, and killed three people on Thursday (29/10/2020).

One of the victims was a woman whose head was beheaded.

This brutal murder comes two weeks after a teacher in France was beheaded outside his school north of Paris.

The perpetrator was an 18-year-old Chechen teenager, with the motive being that the teacher was showing a cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad while teaching a class about free speech.

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Reporting from the news AFP, here is the chronology of the attack on Nice church today.

1. What happened?

At around 9am local time a man with a knife began attacking worshipers inside the Notre-Dame Basilica.

So far three people have been found dead, including a woman who was about to be beheaded by the perpetrators at the church, authorities said.

A man was also found dead inside the church, while another woman with stab wounds who had fled to a nearby bar died shortly afterward.

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The perpetrator was shot by the police who came to the scene quickly, and was immediately arrested and taken to the hospital.

2. Who are the victims?

One man killed in the attack was 45 years old, according to Canon Philippe Asso, the church’s most senior religious leader.

Police earlier said several other people were injured but added that the death toll was not expected to increase.

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3. Who did it?

The man with the knife called himself Brahim and said he was 25, according to court sources.

Until this news was uploaded the police were still in the process of identifying the perpetrator.

4. Was this a terrorist attack?

The French authorities are treating this case as a terrorist attack.

Anti-terrorist prosecutors immediately opened an investigation into “murder and attempted murder related to terrorist attempts.”

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