Chronology of Elderly Car Driver Killed After being shouted at by a thief

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

A driver car with the initials HM (89) died after becoming beating victim by a group of people in Pulogadung, East Jakarta on Sunday (23/1). He was accused of theft.

The video of the seconds chasing the car driver has gone viral on social media. Seen HM who was driving the car was being chased by a group of people who seemed to be judging him. However, after being investigated the police denied that HM was a thief.

“It’s not theft. Information from Tebet or Pulogadung. He was driving a speeding car, the thief shouted at him until he was chased,” said East Jakarta Police Criminal Investigation Unit Head AKBP Ahsanul Muqaffi when confirmed, Sunday (23/1).

In the video circulating, the car was originally shouted by a number of people as ‘thief’. They chased the car on a motorbike.

The shouts also provoked the anger of other mobs so that more people were chased.

Seen there are more than 10 cars chasing the car. The victim, who is an elderly person, was seen driving a car in a hurry because several motorbikes tried to block him. After the car stopped, the perpetrators immediately damaged the car.

Thief, thief, thief. stop this car thief,” said someone in the video that was circulating as quoted on Monday (24/1).

In fact, a police car was also seen chasing the car. Ahsanul acknowledged this.

“In fact, the police followed the car, he followed it because there was a statement by the thieves,” said Ahsanul.

According to him, the elderly victim had hit a motorbike before being beaten by the crowd. He drove the car from the direction of Tebet, South Jakarta to Pulogadung.

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Currently, he said, the police are still pursuing the perpetrators of the beatings, including those who provoked the masses to beat the victims.

“We are looking for the perpetrators of the beating. We are investigating,” said Ahsanul.

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