Chronology of a 95-year-old grandmother in Bekasi raped by grandfather, caught by nephew


One person elderly grandfather aged 65 years in Sukakarya, Bekasi Regency, heart raped a 95 year old grandmother. The perpetrator’s lecherous act was caught by the victim’s nephew.

Head of Criminal Investigation Unit of Bekasi Metro Police Commissioner Gogo Galesung said the incident occurred on Sunday (5/2/2023) afternoon. At that time her nephew was about to deliver rice, but instead caught the victim being raped.

“So it was discovered by his nephew who wanted to deliver rice,” said Gogo when contacted detikcomTuesday (7/3/2023).

Gogo has not clearly specified the complete chronology of the perpetrator’s depraved actions. But he said The perpetrator is currently in custody.

“The perpetrators at the hospital are also guarded by the members,” he said.

Viral on Social Media

The incident went viral on social media. In the video footage circulating, a number of residents can be seen crowding the victim’s house which has bamboo walls, which is not far from the perpetrator’s house.

“Astagfirullahalazim… depraved correct,” said a man in the video.

It is narrated that the victim was raped in her house by the perpetrator with the initials MH. This incident was discovered by the victim’s nephew with the initials R (65).

The nephew cried until he said istighfar. Immediately caught by the victim’s nephew, the perpetrator stood up.

From the narrative on social media, it was stated that the victim was not even wearing a single piece of clothing. Meanwhile, the perpetrator was only wearing a T-shirt, not wearing pants.

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