Chronicle / [VIDEO] Driver had to apologize for controversial video with indigenous

The tiktoker and television figure came out to admit that he screwed up. (PHOTO: @leeorivas / video capture)

A video began to spread on social networks that a well-known TV host made for his Tiktok account and which caused hives in hundreds of netizens, first, for having done it with an indigenous window cleaner and, second, for the joke that stopped many was rather a mockery of the worker.

Leo Rivas did not imagine what his video would end up generating. (PHOTO: @leeorivas)

This is Leo Rivas, currently the host of a television reality show that is on an even channel. In said short film, Rivas can be seen parked at a traffic light aboard his vehicle, when suddenly, he hands a coin to the window cleaner and says: “I’m going to give you a phrase, listen to this: ‘you’re not a little baby, you you’re a baby, frikitona’. Don’t forget about that brother.”

The driver thus made reference to the lyrics of the song “I behave pretty”, by the reggaeton singer Bad Bunny, which was precisely taken by many as a mockery of the indigenous, since he had no idea what they were saying.

Criticism of the tiktoker was immediate, as with comments that said: “No average journalism student would do that. How unpresentable”, “Can someone explain where the joke is, because I don’t get it”, “Lacking grace, lacking morals”, among many others.


All the media hype that was generated around the video, which even went viral, led the driver to apologize for what he had done, and he did it through his Twitter account.

“I apologize, it will never be my intention to make fun of anyone, and those who know me know it. TikTok content is very different and ‘random’ with the ‘jokes’, users will understand me. This time it didn’t go over well and I just imitated a trend from a similar video, I assume. Sorry,” she wrote.

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