CHRONICLE JUV. DH GºVII | Nobody fails in the fight for the league

Junior Honor Division Group 7.- Matchday 23.

Villarreal does not fail and continues to lead the classification of Group VII of the Division of Youth Honor with five points of advantage over their most immediate pursuers, Roda and Levante, who both took their games forward, in addition to Valencia. From below, the Torre Levante moves away from the relegation points, the Alzira complicates life and the Hercules closes the table sunk in the last position.

Alboraya UD, 3; Lorca CFB, 0.

Cabrera thrashes Lorca.

A hat-trick by the chufero attacker earned Alboraya three points against Lorca. The first half was developed with a certain balance that neither of the two squads was able to break. After the break came the Cabrera show, who in 13 minutes scored three goals, the first in 51 ‘, the second three minutes later, and in 64 he rounded off his great performance to leave the coke seen for sentence against the Lorca box.


Alboraya: Obón, Clari, Joan, Lucas, Nacho, Selma, Yassina, Gyampoh, Elián, Cabrera and Maestro.

Lorca: Marcos, Rodríguez, Jorge, Ayén, López, Lajarín, Rodríguez, Casado, Sáez, Pérez and Montero.

Goals: 1-0. Min. 51: Cabrera. 2-0. Min. 54: Cabrera. 3-0. Min. 64: Cabrera.

Referee: Caparrós Hernández.

CD Roda, 2; Patacona CF, 0.

The Roda sentence in the final stretch.

Roda beat Patacona with more suffering than the score seems to indicate. The Valencian team was solid and could give some attack to the locals. For its part, the team of David Pérez Lizaga caught on a serious game but found the rival wall, a wall that was not able to knock down until the last moments of the match, when Imperato opened the scoring in minute 79. After 1 -0 the visitors stretched lines in search of the tie and Ruiz sentenced in the discount.


Roda: Durán, Marcos, Camacho (Guerrero, m. 89), García (Pau, m. 62), Cruz (Juancho, m. 62), Cidoncha, Jordi, Rodrigo (Imperato, m. 70), Toni, Ruiz, Jimenez.

Patacona: Pablo, Guillem, Juan, Carlos, Pablo (Marco, m. 80), Miguel (Alberto, m. 80), Rubén, Arturo (Juan Carlos, m. 70), Carlos, Javier (Jorge, m. 55) and Rognny.

Goals: 1-0. Min. 79: Imperato. 2-0. Min. 90: Ruiz.

Referee: García Gallegos.

UCAM Murcia, 0; CF Torre Levante, 3.

Defeat of Torre Levante in Murcia.

Torre Levante had a very complete game in the field of UCAM Murcia. The orange box struck first, specifically in the 31st minute of the first half, when Kevin opened the scoring. In the final stretch of the first act Pablo doubled the advantage for greater Valencian comfort. The second half was relatively calm for the visitors, who finished the game in injury time with Pablo’s 0-3.


UCAM Murcia: Egea, Moreno (Joaquín, m. 75), Villa, Mateo, Ismael, Marallana, Cánovas (Jiménez, m. 79), Sánchez, Martínez, González and Ors (Pérez, m. 90).

Torre Levante: Ignacio, Luis, Marcos, Enrique, Pablo, Cristian, Pablo, Raúl (Pablo, m. 80), Hyonjun, José (Pablo, m. 87) and Kevin.

Goals: 0-1. Min. 31: Kevin. 0-2. Min. 41: Pablo. 0-3.- Min. 90: Pablo.

Referee: Campos Salinas.

Valencia CF, 3; CD Toledo, 0.

Valencia complies.

Valencia got their match against Toledo on track very early, not in vain, after five minutes Ignacio broke the initial tie to put the team led by Miguel Ángel Angulo ahead. With the 1-0 rest time was reached and in the resumption the same story was repeated, local goal at five minutes, this time the scorer was Andrés. With the 2-0 winning in the electronic game, the che played with trade and barely suffered against Toledo, which they finished with the third goal, the work of N’Donbasi.


Valencia: Juanvi, Xavi, Jesús, Adrià (César, d. 72), Andrés (Velicic, d. 61), Iván, Gastón (Loïc, d. 75), Francisco, Pablo, N’Donbasi and Ignacio (Brais, m. 70).

Toledo: Escribano, De Felipe, Lindón, Safa (Martínez, m. 57), Serrano (Carretero, m. 70), Díaz (Martín, m. 46), García, Lara (Sánchez, m. 57), Pérez, Reynoso and Sánchez.

Goals: 1-0. Min. 5: Ignacio. 2-0. Min. 50: Andrés. 3-0. Min. 72: N’Donbasi.

Referee: Escriche Guzmán.

Villarreal CF, 3; Elche CF, 2.

Yellow trump set.

Villarreal had to sweat to score three very important points against Elche. The yellows, after several attempts, advanced on the scoreboard 36 minutes into the first half with a goal from Ramos. Just five later, Fernando doubled the advantage and, Fernando himself, left the clash with the third target very on track. But Elche reacted quickly and in a matter of two minutes it was 3-2, the first cut with a penalty and, later, put emotion with José’s target. The final stretch was not suitable for heart patients but the Groguets managed to keep all three points at home.


Villarreal: Cendón, Miguel, Carlos, Marcos, Del Moral, Carlos (Damián, m. 46), Ramos, Pacheco (Nicolás, m. 79), Forés, Franco (Gelardo, m. 68) and Fernando (Yoni, m. 58).

Elche: Íker, Roldán, Kelme, Javier, José, Álex (Stefano, m. 79), Diego Vicente (Huerta, m. 82), Manu Vicente (Monleón, m. 62), Dani Fernández (Lozano, m. 70) , Andrés and Javier.

Goals: 1-0. Min. 36: Ramos. 2-0. Min. 41: Fernando. 3-0. Min. 47: Fernando. 3-1. Min. 59: Kelme (p). 3-2. Min. 61: José.

Referee: Gil Coscollà.

Hercules CF, 2; Real Murcia, 3.

Mazazo and on the edge of the abyss.

Hercules walks towards the descent. At twelve points with 21 at stake to say otherwise would be to deny the evidence, especially after the hard emotional blow suffered against a direct rival like Real Mucia. The people from Alicante were 2-0 on the scoreboard, thanks to goals from Pablo and Gonzalo, however, the joy turned to desolation in the second half. Previously, Sala cut differences for Murcia on the edge of rest time. But in the second act the drama, a double by Ferrer turned the scoreboard, with the second goal in 85 ‘, without time for the local reaction.


Hercules: Salva, Berbe, Víctor, Gabri, Alonso, Manuel (Alejandro, d. 66), Javier, Gonzalo (Boateng, d. 75), Borja, Damián and Pablo (Jorge, d. 81).

Real Murcia: Martínez, Fran, De Palmas (Puche, m. 46), Paco, Sala, Castelló, Navarro, Ferrer (López, m. 86), Amador (Marc, m. 72), Barberá (Osipov, m. 46) and Martínez.

Goals: 1-0. Min. 12: Pablo. 2-0. Min. 39: Gonzalo. 2-1. Min. 41: Room. 2-2. Min. 61: Ferrer. 2-3. Min. 85: Ferrer.

Referee: Carbonell Hernández.

UD Alzira, 0; Levante UD, 4.

Goleada granota.

Levante did not give an option to an Alzira who is very touched after receiving this win. Lisci’s team, yes, had to work the game, especially in the first half, when the Alzireños barely gave their rival a choice. However, at the end of the break Javi Jiménez opened the scoring. In the second act, the visitors did nothing but sentence the contest. Fernando Villar, from a penalty, got back on track in a clash that Germán and, again, Javi Jiménez closed in the final stretch.


Alzira: Jose Alexander, Josep Pons (min. 68, Raúl Mollá), Salva Albort, Israel Ull (min. 78, Daniel A.), Victor Savall, Antonio Santandreu, Salva Rivera (min. 71, Jose Manuel Guaita), Josep I followed, Jose Manuel (min. 58, Jose Cambra), Luis Ramón and Stefi Luis.

Raise: Petr, Miguel Peñalver, Jose David (min. 80, Roberto Pérez), Fernando Villar, Miguel Femenias, Victor Blanco (min. 68, Joan Gallego), Germán Lidón (min. 82, Ramón Mira), Alejandro Cerdá (min. 83, Sergio Alonso), Javi Jiménez, Aissa and Rodrigo Val.

Goals: 0-1. Min. 45: Javi Jiménez. 0-2. Min. 77: Fernando Villar (p). 0-3. Min. 80: Germán. 0-4. Min. 89: Javi Jiménez.

Referee: Jonathan Navarro

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