Chronicle / Famous become “juru balloon” with network filter

Seini Kim and Cristina Aranda.

A new filter of beauty! It has been the sensation on social networks, and not only among yiyis, but also among muleteers. It is one that is responsible for making the lips look very fleshy, in the purest Moria Casán kuéra style.

Rubén Rodríguez, José Ayala and Bibi Landó.

This filter is especially widely used by celebrities all over the world, including in our country, where several have already been shown with their mouths as having just been operated, when the models are loaded with collagen galore.

One of the first to use it was “El Pionero” Rubén Rodríguez, who commented: “Many people tell me that they haven’t seen me for a long time because of the pandemic. I show them that now I am like this ”, and then take off the mask and peel off his new ñembo balloon lips.

The same did José Ayala, who in his story took advantage of the filter in question to impersonate Ferchu Lugo and other characters.

Among the celebrities who also got in tune with the new wave of the networks are Bibi Landó, who did not look like herself at all. One of the most complimented women of the moment, Vita Aranda, also did her thing and shared it with her followers, as did the beautiful Seini Kim, who also looked very different •

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