Chronicle “C’est la vie” – Stars filmed at home: marketing that pays off … or not

This week, the chronicle of Catherine Schwaab.

Why are we still so attracted – fascinated! – by the interiors of celebrities? Why do these people have the power to catch our eye? They are “rich and famous”, that is enough to trigger our elementary voyeurism. They belong to the cinema, to music, to the elite… They are public figures, their house concerns us, right? And, since the confinement and his asides of stars filmed at home, the discoveries can turn your life upside down.

It is clear, one does not feel the same jubilant tingling in front of the renovated apartment of the flooded of La Réole as in front of the office-wine cellar of Patrick Bruel. As we have seen, curiosity can turn against the icon. We haven’t forgotten the wave of attacks on Vanessa Paradis’ sofa. With this worn out old age, the unfortunate woman had undoubtedly wanted to make “people”. Serious error of judgment. Vanessa, it’s Chanel or nothing.
The Americans are champions. Let us remember our half-astonished, half-mocking delight in front of the baroque rococo of Donald Trump who opened his penthouse to us in New York. Stucco, velvet, gilding and tassels. A deliciously “bad taste” portrait. And our intuition confirmed: like a satisfaction not to eat that bread. More tempting, the Californian house of Gwyneth Paltrow – who has built her business on her privacy – perfectly reveals her admirable classic-chic style: eggshell and off-whites. But her nickel cuisine, so Studio Harcourt that it pites pity: yes, the actress fasts half the year.

At the Delevingne sisters © DR

Show business is business: the top these days is the home of jet-setters Cara Delevingne and her sister Poppy. With a provocative kitsch, the lounges throw their turquoise and soft pink colors, their palm tree prints, emerald lacquered walls and works of street art. The more is too much, the more we love. Bought $ 2 million from musician Jared Leto four years ago, the home offered at $ 3.75 million will earn them a pretty tumble. Their interior is the sublimated portrait of these creatures above ground. Moreover, their decorator sells the point well: “We have created a special Los Angeles atmosphere, with nods to modern mid-century California. […], to the culture of surfing, and small tributes to Mexico. Then we linked all of this to Cara and Poppy’s English origins to bring in another part of the Delevingne charm. It is hard to imagine the two girls providing him with so many avenues of inspiration. Regardless, he typed right. These carefree colors all imbued with naivety, they are… and better.

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The paradox, the counter-example among all these American stars who are experts in marketing themselves, it is perhaps Johnny Depp who, with Vanessa Paradis, had acquired in the Midi a domain at Plan-de-la-Tour . A small republic of 1,200 square meters of living space comprising a main mansion with 12 bedrooms and 12 bathrooms, several small houses, a chapel, a café-restaurant, a hunter’s hut, a skatepark, a wine cellar, a storage area in shape, two swimming pools and an artist’s studio. Unlike his colleagues in Hollywood, he never “communicated” about his “home sweet home”, a pure reflection of his personality as an artist, not the creation of an architect. Result today: impossible to find a buyer. Already on sale in 2015 and 2016, now sold for 45 million euros, “the village of Johnny Depp” does not excite the desires of anyone. You hardly want to discover the house. The unmentionable desire to unravel a – hypothetical – secret has died down.

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