Chronicle Atlético Malagueño – CD Esteponia: Matchday 12 Third G.IX

The Atlético Malagueño returned to competition after being confined by a positive in the coaching staff and did so going back (2-1) to a good Estepona that he came out responón in the fields of the Malagueña Federation and that ended the game putting those of Funes in his area. In a derby that heated up as the minutes passed and in which the subsidiary ended with 10 by expulsion of Vicar, a bit from Larrubia and another from his own door They led to the slowdown of the Malagueño, which maintains the pulse in the fight for the leadership. Gonzalo, who failed in the 0-1 of Estepona, avoided the equalizer in the 85th minute with an excellent intervention from Becerra’s shot.

Not a minute had elapsed of the meeting and Estepona already commanded on the scoreboard. Gonzalo’s mistake, who fell asleep when clearing with his foot, led to the 0-1. Boga fought, the ball bounced off his foot and Julio clinched Gonzalo, being able to do something else again. Uphill the game for the subsidiary was put, with little spark despite the electricity that Funes put in attack. Despite everything, Mario da Costa invented a high pass that ended in penalti a Haitam, a golden opportunity for the Malagueño who Mini sent to limbo. The captain’s shot from 11 meters went over the crossbar.

Estepona remained comfortable and settled in the green, preventing the breaks of Haitam on one side and Juan Cruz on the other. In addition, poking his paw in attack as happened in the 20th minute. Julio, author of the 0-1, sinned from individualism and spoiled a three for two with a loose shot that Gonzalo managed to stop. Just one shot by Juan Cruz was the offensive contribution of the subsidiary, which found the reaction with 1-1 three minutes before the break. A play on the right ended in a rebound on the edge that Larrubia hunted. The left-hander adjusted the ball to his most skillful leg and, with a whip sticking to the post, woke up the affiliate.

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A second half that had everything

Far from finding their football, Malagueño continued to find it difficult to find solutions after the break. Only Esteponra’s bad luck led to 2-1. Ale Benítez put in a good cross that Vicario finished down, Álex showed off with a good save and the ball ended up hitting Alexis involuntarily to unbalance the balance in the 63rd minute. Estepona was touched in the spirit and the spirits heated on both sides. A snack with Ale Benítez in between He ended up being sent off with Vicario, who had a yellow card, for later engaging with the Estepona goalkeeper. The subsidiary, with 15 minutes to go, had one less player and a dangerous end of the game. The visiting team had their options for the tie, especially with a shot from Becerra from the front to which Gonzalo responded with a magnificent stretch. The Estepona hit, the Malagueño held with a lot of trouble to get the three points.


Atlético Malagueño: Gonzalo; Ale Benítez, Murillo, Quintana, Eu; Mini (Rafa Camacho, min.66), Mario da Costa (Villegas, min.66), Juan Cruz, Larrubia (Mike, min.79), Haitam and Vicario.

CD Estepona: Alex; Alexis, Morilla, Chaves, Joselito; Ilyass, Barrios (Sergio Martín, min.53), Saam (Becerra, min.67), Caballero; Boga (Raúl Toro, min.67) and Julio.

Goals: 0-1, July (min.1); 1-1, Larrubia (min.42); 2-1, Alexis in own goal (min.63).

Referee: Óscar José Avilés Hernández (Seville Committee). He sent off Vicario with a double warning (min.76). He also showed yellow to the local Murillo, Ale Benítez and Gonzalo. The visitors saw the cardboard Caballero, Saam, Manu Morilla and Álex.

Incidents: Match corresponding to matchday 12 of Group IX-B of the Third Division played in the fields of the Malagueña Football Federation behind closed doors.

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