Chronic Kidney Patients Shouldn’t Eat Tempeh? Here’s According to the Nutritionist

HALOYOUTH – Tempe is increasingly believed to be one of the food which cannot be consumed patient disease kidney chronic disease (CKD) because it can worsen the disease, namely tempeh.

Is this opinion true?

Clinical nutrition specialist at the University of Indonesia Hospital (RSUI), dr. Anna Maurina Singal, M.Gizi, Sp.GK(K) denied it.

According to him, soybeans as raw material for tempeh contain isoflavones which can help slow down the progression of failure kidney.

“Soybean is often considered to be one of the ingredients food which is not good for kidney. Even though soybeans contain isoflavones which can actually help slow down the progression of the failure degree kidney chronic,” he said, quoted by from Antaranews, Friday 18 March 2022.

According to Anna, soybeans can also help maintain nutritional status in children patient with dialysis.

He doesn’t forbid the consumption of soybeans, but it’s better patient need to pay attention to the amount of intake.

In addition to tempeh, green vegetables which partially contain potassium are also often considered to be able to worsen the condition of the problem kidney.

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