Christmas tree causes a fierce fire: woman (52) with heavy int … (Bredene)

The house suffered a lot of damage.

Photo: Jeffrey Roos

Bredene –

Sunday morning a fierce fire raged in a terraced house in the Duinenstraat in Bredene. A 52-year-old lady was taken to hospital with severe symptoms of intoxication. The fire brigade quickly got the fire under control.

It was a chance passer-by who discovered the fire and notified the fire brigade. When the fire brigade arrived, the fire was raging. “It was a fierce fire, but since we could quickly locate the seat of the fire, the fire was under control after ten minutes,” says Captain Dries Van der Veken of the Ostend fire brigade. “That meant that the fire did not have the chance to spread to adjacent houses.”

A 52-year-old lady became overcome by the smoke and was taken to hospital with severe symptoms of intoxication. “We had to get the woman out of the house. She was brought to hospital unconscious. Fortunately, the alarm was quickly raised, otherwise the consequences would be incalculable. ”

Christmas tree

A Christmas tree is said to be the cause of the fire. “We do indeed suspect that the fire was caused by a Christmas tree that was set up in the living room. It contains a lot of plastic and that always causes a lot of smoke damage and also explains the severe symptoms of intoxication in the resident, ”said the fire brigade captain. The house suffered a lot of damage and is uninhabitable.

It is now the second fire in just a week in Bredene. Last Saturday a fire broke out in a detached house in the Sluizenstraat. There, too, a 50-year-old woman was taken to hospital with severe burns and respiratory problems. Her two dogs and a parrot did not survive the fire. Mayor Steve Vandenberghe (SP.A) came on the scene at both fires. “The fact that we are now confronted with two bright fires in barely a week is pure bad luck. Ultimately, it is important that the lady was saved in the nick of time, ”said the mayor.

That’s how quickly a burning Christmas tree will set your house ablaze

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