Christmas markets 2021: THESE markets should take place despite the Corona winter wave

Experts are currently warning of a new wave of corona in autumn and winter – but the Christmas market plans seem unimpressed. When and where will there be Christmas markets in Germany in December 2021?

In which cities should Christmas markets take place in 2021 despite the corona pandemic?
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At the moment, the incidence figures in Germany may be manageable, But experts are already warning of a fourth wave of infections in the corona pandemic in autumn and winter 2021. Despite the warnings, however, this year’s Christmas markets are in full swing. The first federal states have already confirmed where there is one Christmas Market in December 2021.

Christmas market despite corona pandemic: Baden-Württemberg starts planning Christmas markets

In Baden-Wuerttemberg For example, it is already firmly assumed that the end of 2021 can be celebrated with Christmas markets. The Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Social Affairs, the municipal state associations and representatives of the showmen have agreed on this. The head of the Ministry of Health, Uwe Lahl, said at the end of September: “The increasing vaccination rate enables us to return to normality and allow the Christmas markets tradition, which is important for many people, to take place this year.” But he also warned: “In view of the current fourth wave of the corona pandemic, however, we have to remain cautious. That is why we have agreed on clear and implementable rules.”

Christmas markets 2021 in Germany: which rules apply to visiting the Christmas market?

For example, it is compulsory to wear a mask at the Christmas markets because the distance to other people cannot be reliably maintained. In addition, there should be access controls to check that the visitors have either been vaccinated, recovered or tested. If the market is in a fenced area, there should be controls at certain points. Otherwise, visitors who have already been checked should be given a wrist strap.

If you want to buy mulled wine or roasted almonds or get on the Ferris wheel, you have to show again at the stand that you have been vaccinated, recovered or tested. However, if the state government declares the corona alarm status, only those who have been vaccinated or recovered may use this offer. Control is not necessary at stands that offer socks or bread to take away.

Christmas markets should also be possible in Lower Saxony under certain conditions

Christmas markets should be possible in Lower Saxony under certain conditions. The stands should generally be two meters apart, said Claudia Schröder, deputy head of the Corona crisis team, on October 7 in the state parliament’s health committee when discussing a draft ordinance. If you want to eat or drink something at an autumn or Christmas market, you have to be vaccinated, recovered or tested. According to Schröder, this should also apply to the use of rides. According to the information, children and adolescents up to the age of 18 do not have to be vaccinated, recovered or tested.

Christmas markets planned in North Rhine-Westphalia in 2021: There should be a Christmas market in these cities

Other federal states have already dealt with the topic of Christmas markets in 2021 and set the first dates when the Christmas market business should be buzzing. For example, as reported by, in North Rhine-Westphalia Christmas markets take place in Bonn, Aachen, Dortmund, Bochum, Essen, Herne, Düsseldorf, Dortmund, Duisburg, Siegen and Oberhausen as well as in Cologne and Münster. The dates of the Christmas market have already been set for some cities, while other towns are still in the hot planning phase. In North Rhine-Westphalia, too, hygiene and distance concepts as well as access regulations based on the 3G or 2G model should ensure that strolling through the Christmas markets does not lead to super-spreader events.

Christmas market planning in full swing: Saxony, Hesse and Bavaria are preparing Christmas markets

The state Saxony also has its first Christmas markets in planning – according to the current status, the Christmas markets in Dresden, Chemnitz, Leipzig, Annaberg, Marienberg or the Königsstein Fortress, to name just a few.

Christmas market fans like the Dresden Striezelmarkt or the Christkindlmarkt in Nürnberg to the most popular destinations – preparations are already in full swing for December 2021. According to the current status, they also want to spread Christmas market magic in Munich or Frankfurt am Main. Whether Stuttgart will join in and organize a Christmas market in 2021 should be clarified in autumn 2021.

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