Christmas in Nova: Look forward to classic fairy tales, Christmas Eve Street and new movies

The Christmas holidays on TV Nova will once again be marked by classic and modern fairy tales, cult films, but also a number of novelties. On Christmas Day, viewers can look forward to a special episode of Street, but there will also be Three Brothers and Love in Heaven. VOYO will then exclusively present the new Czech comedy Diary of Modern Photography.

Three brothers, Once upon a time there was a king, the Devil’s Bride, How the Princess Wakes Up, or The Most Beautiful Riddle. This is just a small tasting of popular fairy tales that TV Nova viewers can look forward to this year during the Christmas holidays. Fans of the series Street they will see a special Christmas episode again. And there will also be cult Christmas classics like Heavenly love, popular family animated hits or Pirates of the Caribbean.

It will exclusively present a new Czech comedy Diary of a modern fotra and Michal Isteník’s screenwriting debut, a comedy series Vegans to jelita. And New Year’s Eve will be in the sign special issue of Televizní noviny a show New Year’s Eve 2021 Torn from the chain!.

“This year’s Christmas at Nova is based primarily on traditional Czech and foreign fairy tales, films and series for the whole family,” says TV director Nova Silvia Majeská, who continues: “This year we have grown not only by two sports channels, but also by the new Nova Lady, we are also significantly expanding our offer at VOYO, so we believe that everyone can choose from our Christmas presents this year. “

Special part of the Street

The creators of the series prepared for Christmas Day Street, which this year celebrated 16 years since its premiere on TV Nova screens, a Christmas present for all its fans – after six years they will present special christmas episode. It also sounds completely in it a new song by singer Pavel Callta, who thus says goodbye to his episodic role as a bartender in the Street.

“In recent years, Ulice has been broadcast only until the end of the pre-Christmas week, so we always tried to smuggle as much Christmas atmosphere into the last episodes as possible,” explains street creative producer Silvia Klasová, adding: figure out why someone is celebrating christmas day prematurely. We, the creators, also missed a real Christmas in the Street. That’s why we gladly accepted the invitation to write a Christmas episode.”

Premieres at VOYO

A rich Christmas gift is also waiting for VOYO subscribers. The six-part premiere will have its premiere comedy series Vegans and Intestines, which is the screenwriting debut of the actor Michal Isteník. The series managed to introduce itself to the audience at the Serial Killer festival, and TV Nova acquired exclusive broadcasting rights for it to be shown on VOYO, where it will be available from December 16. The VOYO premium offer will also feature a movie hit Diary of a modern fotra with Jiří Mádel and Tereza Ramba in the lead roles or the first series of the award-winning series The Great, a satirical comedy drama about the rise of Catherine the Great from an outsider to the longest reigning queen in Russian history.

New Year’s Eve in Nova

The celebrations of the end of the year are traditionally associated with Nova s special New Year’s Eve edition of Televizní noviny. As every year, this year will be full of surprises. In addition, for the first time from a new studio. Viewers can look forward not only to Lucia Borhy and Rey Koranteng, but also to other faces they know from the TV Nova screens. As always, they are prepared for the audience as well Unsuccessful flaps from popular series, so a unique behind-the-scenes look at the news and what went a little wrong this year.

He will follow up on the special Televizní noviny show Silvestr 2021 Torn from the chain! which the seasoned moderators Aleš Háma and Ondřej Sokol prepared for the last evening of the year. Viewers can look forward to a star show full of scenes, spells, dances and unforgettable songs.

Sports even during the holidays

The sports charge served by the four Nova Sport channels will not relax even during the holiday season. “Those who don’t like fairy tales can switch to Nova Sport and enjoy them the world’s best sports competitions. Even during Christmas, the season will run at full speed NHL, where it is possible to watch the Czechs Tomáš Hertl and David Pastrňák in the event. Basketball fans can look forward to NBA matches with Bohemia Satoranský and Krejčí. Nova Sport will also broadcast rugby, handball, football and especially darts. Darts World Cup with all the stars is a traditional and very popular December event that attracts spectators. There will be a lot of things to look forward to, “calculates Dušan Mendel, editor-in-chief of TV Nova’s sports newsroom.

Selection from the program: Christmas in Nova

  • Pirates of the Caribbean: Strange on the waves December 21 20:20
  • How to wake up princesses December 22 20:20
  • Devil’s Bride December 23 20:20
  • Shrek December 24 14:55
  • Once upon a time there was a king December 24 18:00
  • Three brothers December 24 19:35
  • Heavenly love December 24 21:15
  • Shrek 2 December 25 14:35
  • The most beautiful puzzle December 25 20:20
  • Řachanda December 26 20:20
  • I Enjoy the World with You December 27 20:20
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar’s Revenge December 28 20:20
  • Frost December 29 20:20
  • Finding Nemo December 30 13:35
  • Anger: Queen of all evil December 30 20:20
  • Looking for Dory 31st of December 12.35
  • New Year’s Eve 2021 Torn from the chain! 31st of December 20:20

You can find a more detailed overview of TV Nova’s Christmas broadcast with information about individual programs in the link below. There is also a special Christmas survey among TV Nova personalities and their favorite Christmas recipes.



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