Christmas distribution of free games on Epic Day. 8

The Epic Games Store is once again handing out various titles completely free of charge this year before Christmas and the holiday season. This year we should see a total of 15 games, when yesterday we had the opportunity to pick up Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden. But now let’s imagine the title that the scepter is taking over today.

We can know Dontnod Entertainment mainly as developers of story adventures, including the Life is Strange series. In addition, in the past, they also released slightly different pieces, such as the cyberpunk Remember Me or the Vampire being distributed today.

This is an action RPG, where in the skin of Dr. Jonathan E. Reid you will deal with the newly acquired life of a vampire, which offers many moral crossroads. In the process, you will eventually increase your level, gain new abilities and fight intruding enemies.

You can read our review on this link.

The title can be picked up, for example here.

You only have one day to pick it up another game will come tomorrow.

List of games distributed so far:

In addition, there is a winter sale at the Epic Games Store, which will run until January 6, 2022.

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