Christmas: an Alsatian flight attendant sings “All I want for Christmas is you” by Mariah Carey during a flight

His name is Jonathan, he is a steward (and even Purser) since 2012 at EasyJet, and he’s a fan of Mariah Carey. This 35 year old Mulhousien mixed work and passion during a flight from Basel to Prague. It was on December 20, 2019, five days before Christmas, that he intoned for his passengers the popular Christmas song “All I want for Christmas is you” (literally: “All I want for Christmas is you”) by Mariah Carey. One of the passengers filmed the scene and gave the video to the flight attendant (see Facebook post at the bottom of the article).

Jonathan Jautard likes to push the song. He is also a singer in the soul and pop group John & the Steeds. A group Mulhouse, him too. The opportunity for the artist to promote the release of first album of the group, in 2020. However, the resumption of “All I want for Christmas is you”, gone viral, should not be included … We contacted the singer steward to tell us what happened on the plane.

Why this song?

“I said to myself … why not! It was Christmas, this is the song that most represents this period. The goal was to have a good time. I obviously don’t do this all the time, it’s rare. But there was an opportunity, a good opportunity. After welcoming them, I offered that to the passengers. “

Did you have the right to do that?

“What I like about EasyJet is that we have a few freedoms as long as we stay correct and give a good image. And that what we do is safe: we will avoid the show of fire eater for example! For Halloween, we had put on disguises, vampires for example. “

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How did people react to your song?

“Timidly, first. When I offered to sing, there were only two or three enthusiastic people … I asked again with more zest, and there, the passengers let go. They understood that it was almost Christmas, and that we could afford a light moment. When I finished singing, they all cheered. And at the end of the flight, they thanked me before leaving. Some even said they would come back. “

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