Christmas 2020 only among household members. The Minister of Health leaves no doubts: a complete lockdown for the holidays is possible

We will spend Christmas only with our loved ones. This possibility was outlined by the Minister of Health in an interview with Super Express. – Even if the number of cases decreases soon, lifting the restrictions would be premature – said Adam Niedzielski. A complete lockdown is also still possible.

This year’s Christmas will be completely different than the ones we remember. All because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many people close to us will miss the Christmas Eve tables. Some of them died due to coronavirus infection. Others will have to stay in their homes to keep it from spreading.

Such a scenario is already certain, because Adam Niedzielski confirmed it on the pages of Super Express. The head of the Ministry of Health admitted that Christmas will be similar to this year’s Easter.

– Even if the number of cases decreases soon, lifting the restrictions would be premature. Unfortunately, these Christmas holidays will resemble this year’s Easter, which we celebrated with our loved ones – admits Adam Niedzielski in an interview with SE.

– As the minister of health, who is responsible for ensuring the health of Poles, I will recommend that we spend Christmas at home with the immediate family, but without further friends – he added

Holidays will be a difficult time, especially for people who will be in quarantine and will not be able to leave their homes. Here it seems that their families, friends and volunteers will play a huge role, as they will have to provide such people with the most necessary shopping in this hot season.

It is still possible to introduce the so-called national quarantine, that is complete lockdown, freezing the economy and social life.

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Although Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki once again boasts that the daily number of infections has been reduced, experts are sounding the alarm that this is only a fa├žade game and the result of a drastic reduction in the number of tests by up to two thirds.

Although the sanitary services record only about 20,000 every day. new cases of coronavirus in Poland, there are still more patients in hospitals, and the number of deaths on November 18 and 19 exceeded 600 people.

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