Christina Milian pregnant with M. Pokora: baby bump and baby shopping


In a few months, Christina Milian and M. Pokora will welcome their first son. The 37-year-old artist, who announced her pregnancy last July, shows her baby bump as it takes shape as soon as possible. Friday, September 13, 2019, the star of Falling Inn Love (Netflix) was spotted shopping on the streets of Los Angeles.

It was in the very chic Little Moon boutique, located in the upscale neighborhood of Studio City, that the mother stopped. The store offers a large collection of clothing and accessories for babies and children. Christina Milian would she have done some shopping to prepare for the arrival of her future son? Or did she just offer a few new pieces to her daughter Violet (9 years old)?

In any case, Mr. Pokora’s partner left the store with several bags in her hands. Christina Milian also wore a pretty bouquet of flowers. Maybe she also went to get a gift? This nice sunny outing is also an opportunity to follow the progress of her pregnancy, since we could see her pretty baby bump, which is growing day by day.

While Christina Milian is at home in Los Angeles promoting her film Falling Inn Love (Netflix) and managing the education of his daughter Violet (born from his previous relationship with the rapper The-Dream), Mr. Pokora is in Paris where he is actively preparing his Pyramid Tower.

It was from the capital that he made some confidences on the education of his future son. “I have an old school education. I’m a little strict, I can already see it with my daughter-in-law. I hope he likes sports, that I can go to the stadium with him. I am super excited. Even if I stay very careful while he’s not there, I’m like a kid. I look forward. The coming year is wonderful“, he tenderly explained to Télé Loisirs.

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