Christian group adds more than 20,000 signatures against Trump’s candidacy in 2024

A Christian group has collected nearly 21,000 signatures on a petition rejecting a new candidacy for former President Donald Trump for the White House, saying it would be a “disaster” for the country and criticizing his “fascist tactics” and his involvement in the attack on the Capitol January 2021.

Faithful America called the speech on November 15 in which the Republican (2017-2021) announced his presidential aspiration for 2024 as alarmist and “riddled with lies.”

“Trump made it clear that he intends to redouble the fascist tactics that led to the deadly Christian-nationalist attack on January 6 on our Capitol,” the document, posted on his website, states.

The group, founded in 2004 and which claims to be the largest online community fighting for social justice, stresses that “another Trump presidency would be a disaster for our country.”

The petition, which set a goal of 20,000 signatures, quickly surpassed it and has now increased it to 25,000.

The organization defined Trump as an “insurrectionary former president” and accused him of “repeatedly using religion as a weapon in his last two campaigns.”

The organization further criticized that “multiple power-hungry pastors and Christian nationalist leaders like Mike Huckabee, Mark Burns and Eric Metaxas are already lining up to support him, falsely pretending to speak for all Christians.”

In addition to Trump’s presidential aspirations, it is expected that on February 15 the former US ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, will officially announce her candidacy for the Democratic Party.

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