ChristenUnie wants to introduce a tax on home delivered packages

MEP points out that local stores now have to compete with internationally operating online stores.

“The result is that small and medium-sized businesses seem to be losing the battle more and more often. And that our shopping streets are emptying and that package vans go back and forth. This delivery madness can and should really be reduced. . “

CO2 emissions

It’s even better for the environment, says MP ChristenUnie. “Every time we pay for our virtual truck, a delivery clerk has to go out. Such a delivery movement has all kinds of negative effects, such as CO2 emissions and unsafe traffic situations.”

According to Grinwis, it would be much better climate-wise if people picked up the package on their own by bike in the nearest shopping street. “Then we can quickly say goodbye to distribution boxes.”

a few euros

The parcel tax is intended to help local SMEs in the fight against large delivery farmers. But the proceeds from this tax should also benefit the local economy, if it is up to Grinwis.

“The weapon to moderate the order and delivery economy is an order and delivery tax,” says Grinwis. He thinks that a few euros can already help make an informed decision. “I’m going to order that book, that dress or that pair of shoes or I make a package of that order. Or even better: I take the bike and go to that nearby shopping street.”

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