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Chrissy Teigen and John Legend Welcome Fourth Child Through Surrogacy

Surprise ! On Instagram this Wednesday, June 28, Chrissy Teigen announced that she had just welcomed her fourth child with her husband John Legend. Their child was born through a surrogate mother.

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John Legend and Chrissy Teigen are happy parents. Six months after the birth of their daughter Esti, the iconic Hollywood couple will again take care of a newborn. A joy for Luna and Miles, their two other children now aged 7 and 5. It was on Instagram this Wednesday, June 28 that the singer’s wife announced the happy news, she who always wanted to have “four children”. And a revenge for the one who had to undergo an abortion during her third pregnancy. “After losing Jack, I didn’t think I could carry a baby on my own anymore,” she said in her post.

Chrissy Teigen desperately wanted to have four children

So, the couple turned to surrogacy in order to make their dream come true. But Chrissy Tiger always had in mind to get pregnant again. “At some point during this journey, I came out of a therapy session and said to John, ‘I want to try to get pregnant just one more time. If it doesn’t work it’s not serious. We have already been through worse'”. Thus, they started all over again the in vitro fertilization process he had used for their first two children: “We were so happy to learn that it had worked I was pregnant with our little girl Esti.” And as happiness never comes alone, it was then that they met Alexandra, the one who became the surrogate mother of their fourth child.

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“Our hearts and our home are filled”

After a first miscarriage, Chrissy Teigen – then pregnant with her third child – learned that the transfer had been a success and that Alexandra was pregnant “with a baby boy”: “Our baby boy”. “A few minutes before midnight on June 19, I was able to see the most beautiful woman, my friend, our surrogate, give birth in the midst of a bit of chaos, but with strength, joy and love,” she reveals. on Instagram. This is how Wren Alexander Stephens was born: “Our hearts and our home are filled. To our Jack, we have that these angel kisses come from you”, she concludes before revealing some photos of the little boy.

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