Chris Rock’s Manhattan Apartment Under Surveillance: Police Searching for Peeping Tom

Hollywood actor Chris Rock can no longer feel safe in his own home since he noticed that someone is watching him, reports “Daily Star”.

The actor spotted a peeping tom through the window of his Manhattan, New York apartment.

Noticing the suspicious man, the actor called the law enforcement officers.

As it turns out, the lookout had thoroughly scared the actor. The man got to the actor’s window thanks to the fireman’s ladder.

The media reports that the man did not try to enter the actor’s property, only stood by the window and tried to capture him in photographs.

After the actor called the police, the law enforcement officers quickly arrived at the scene, but unfortunately the man had already managed to escape. As soon as he realized that the actor had noticed him, he immediately ran away.

The New York Police Department is currently investigating and looking for the stalker.

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2023-06-10 13:21:39
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