Chris Rock learned to swim during corona crisis | NOW

Chris Rock learned to swim during the corona crisis, he tells Wednesday The Hollywood Reporter. Actually, the comedian had wanted to do that for years, but the forced break from work finally enabled him to do so.

The 55-year-old Rock compares his life of the past six months to that of an athlete outside the sports season. “You cannot achieve the maximum without taking time for rest, so that you can work on yourself and your shortcomings.”

Rock admits in the interview that it was absurd that he had a pool in his yard for years, when he couldn’t swim.

The actor also says swimming lessons were tough for him: “You know how fucking hard it is for an adult to learn to swim? Don’t be afraid of dying.”

He was very surprised when his swimming teacher asked him to dive in and swim across. “I thought he had gone mad,” said Rock. “But then I dived in and swam across. It has become a metaphor for what I’ve been trying all this time.”

Therapy for non-verbal learning disability

In the interview Rock says that he works on himself in several ways. For example, he was recently diagnosed with a non-verbal learning disability. The actor says that he only understands words and therefore often takes things too literally.

“It works fine for joke writing,” says Rock, who receives therapy seven hours a week. “But for one-on-one relationships it’s not great. I always thought it had to do with celebrity. Anytime someone reacted negatively, I thought they just didn’t understand who I was. Now I realize it’s through myself came. “

Rock is known for comedies such as Grown Ups and the animated film Madagascar. He recently appeared in the fourth season of the Netflix series Fargo.


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