Chris Pratt has been practicing for years for special achievement: ‘Do this in quarantine’ | Entertainment

entertainment“>“I’ve been practicing all year round solving a Rubik’s cube in under a minute so I can post it on Instagram. I finally did it ”, Chris writes with a video of the milestone. “The world record is about 5 seconds. It’s actually black magic, I guess. So that doesn’t count, I think. Just kidding. The kids who can solve a Rubik’s cube in less than 10 seconds are my heroes. Are you in quarantine? Get a Rubik’s cube. ”

entertainment“>Other stars also manage to get a cube in the right order in no time. Will Smith can do it in less than a minute and Justin Bieber took less than 2 minutes during Carpool Karaoke.

entertainment“>However, those times do not come close to those of the so-called ‘speed cubers’. The world record is currently held by the Chinese Yusheng Du, who managed to solve the puzzle in 3.47 seconds.

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