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Summer is a time when a lot is happening, especially for the Swedish royal family. Among other things, the whole gang usually gathers on Öland to celebrate Crown Princess Victoria (44)’s birthday, called «Victoria Day» in Sweden.

One who, however, will shine with his absence is Princess Madeleines (40) husband, British-American Chris O’Neill (48).

BLEME ON THE DIRECT:Princess Madeleine was visiting her home country Sweden. During an interview of the opening, there is a bit of a ball for the princess. Video: Pelle T Nilsson.

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Dropper celebration

The couple usually lives in Florida in the USA, together with their three children Leonore (8), Nicolas (7) and Adrienne (4), and has previously received a lot of criticism for not being in Sweden during large events or other royal events – especially the princess.

Earlier this month, however, they came to the grandmother’s homeland to spend the summer there, which they often do, but despite that, O’Neill drops his sister – in – law’s birthday. He travels home to the United States and thus misses the whole celebration.

– Chris wants to be involved in such things as much as he can, but now he can unfortunately not be present because he will spend a few days in the US to work, confirms information manager at the Swedish castle Margareta Thorgren to Swedish Women’s Magazine.

When asked when the 48-year-old is expected to leave Sweden, Thorgren answers that she does not know, but that they are together now.

TABBE: Petra Marklund has subsequently been criticized for not using the correct form of indictment when she addressed the Crown Princess during Victoria Day. Video: SVT
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Not long ago, it was Princess Madeleine who attracted attention with her absence, and that on the very national day – 6 June. The recent 40-year-old has not celebrated his home country’s national day since 2019.

The princess has in recent years received huge criticism after she has repeatedly not been present during royal events. Several also believe that she does not adequately represent the royal house.

The corona pandemic has, of course, made it more difficult for the princess and her family to travel between the United States and Sweden, but even after the strict restrictions were lifted, she has shone a lot with her absence.

June 6 this year marked the first time in three years that the Swedes could celebrate a normal national day. Despite this, it turned out that the princess was absent.

– Princess Madeleine lives in the United States. She plans to come home to Sweden with the family this summer, but not until after the national day, Thorgren stated to Swedish Women’s Magazine that time.

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