Chris Martin organizes a surprise concert for bride and groom in an English bar (video)

A few hours after performing on stage at the Glastonbury Festival, Coldplay singer Chris Martin went to a bar in Somerset, located about twenty kilometers from the festival. Accompanied by Dakota Johnson, the actress who shares his life, the Briton sat down in front of the piano in the bar to perform the title “A Sky Full of Stars” to the delight of the regulars present on site.

“This guy looks like Chris Martin”

“We had just finished our service. I was sitting at the bar and I said to the guy sitting next to me. ‘This guy looks like Chris Martin’. The girl I was with turned around and said it was him,” bar owner Chris Parkin told Somerset Live. He would then have asked “all the people in the bar not to disturb him”, which “everyone respected”.

An unforgettable first dance

After a while, however, the singer would have realized that the couple seated at an adjacent table was preparing for their wedding. The title of their first dance? “A Sky Full Of Stars”. The occasion was too good and Chris Martin therefore offered them this moment that the bride and groom will never forget. ” It was magical. We never thought this would happen to us. We would have liked to invite him to the wedding but we were in a state of shock”, indicates the couple who should say “yes” on August 28th.

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