Chris Evans back as Captain America for a new MCU movie?

Chris Evans is reportedly in talks with Marvel to reprise his role as Captain America. This not even two years later Avengers Endgame.

The info comes from Deadline. According to the sources of the American site, this return would not be for a film Captain America but for a movie appearance by another MCU superhero (like Tony Stark / Robert Downey Jr in Spider-Man Homecoming).

Avengers 4 : ENDGAME

If for Chris Evans, the Captain America adventure is over, the actor always said “never say never“as to a return.”Nevertheless I think it’s over“he explained in 2019.”It was an incredible adventure and we ended in such an explosive way that it would be risky to come back to it in my opinion.. It was such a great experience and I think it’s best to leave it as it is.

(Update: Chris Evans says his return info is wrong. Bluff or pad bluff?)

It is now Falcon (Anthony Mackie) who has the honor of wearing Captain America’s shield for the Marvel Disney + series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Online in March 2021.

Invited by The Jess Cagle Show, Anthony Mackie explained that Chris Evans was initially not to play old Captain America in Avengers 4.

It’s funny“, says the actor, soon to be a badass cyborg in Zone Hostile on Netflix,” iThey wanted to cast an old actor to play Chris Evans. They invited three actors to audition. But it didn’t work. It wasn’t what Chris would look like old. He’ll be … like George Clooney. At 95, he will always be attractive. So, they summoned a team of makeup artists and prosthetics and turned him into an old man. And since Chris is a great actor, it worked.“.-

Avengers 4 : ENDGAME


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