Choosing Shoes According to Men’s Foot Shape and Tips for Comfortable to Wear

Choosing Shoes According to Men's Foot Shape
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Choosing shoes according to the shape of men’s feet is one of the tips for accessories that can support your appearance. Not only as protection for the feet. But in determining a shoe, there are a number of things you need to pay attention to. Like the color, type, size and shape of the feet.

Foot shape is the most important thing you pay attention to before choosing safety shoes. This is because everyone has a different leg shape with a different suit. There are some tips for you, so that later you don’t choose the wrong choice in buying new shoes.

Tips for Choosing Shoes According to Men’s Foot Shape

Although a man is not like a woman, most of them have shoes with many color choices. But usually men will only choose shoes with basic colors. Can match the overall outfit that men have.

Shoes for Long Foot Shape

First tips for choosing shoes, you can choose those that have no thickness. So that it can appear to reduce leg height.

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Furthermore, you can use shoes that have the type to make your feet look round. Because, this can give a shorter impression.

Shoes for Small Feet Forms

Before you use or buy it. First, you have to make sure you choose shoes that have thick laces. So, your feet do not look tiny and thin. Because you have a small foot shape. Of course you have to make sure your feet are wide too.

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Then the next tips, you can provide the right or insole on the inside of the shoe. That kind of thing, can help your legs look longer.

Shoes for Wide Feet Forms

Choosing shoes according to the shape of the next man’s feet, if your feet are wide you can choose sharp shoes. Because this can reduce the width of your feet.

Not only that, you also have to make sure the shoes have a short front. Until your toes will look slimmer.

Shoes for Big Calves

Tips for choosing shoes according to the shape of men’s feet, namely the loafers. Loafers are the perfect fit. So that your heels are not fully closed, this can make your calves look slimmer.

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Also make sure you choose an open type of shoe for the front. Because the more skin on the back of your feet is visible, the calves will look thinner.

In addition to knowing how to choose shoes according to the shape of your feet, you also need to pay attention to choosing comfortable shoes. Now consider the following.

Recognizing Foot Size

In general, the ideal size is + 1-2 of your foot size. Because it is a comfortable space for you to use.

The existence of a size that is too large can affect the conditions when you walk, such as detached or otherwise. Likewise, when the shoes are too small it can cause blisters on the feet.

Choosing the Right Shape for the Feet

As discussed above, the comfortable category can also be seen from choosing shoes according to the shape of men’s feet. There are many types of shoes based on the shape of the feet.

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In essence, you have to first identify what type of shoe you are going to buy and do not fit the shape of the foot.

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Trying to Walk on a Hard Floor

To determine whether your shoes are loose or not, walk on a hard floor. If when walking, then the back of the shoe does not follow or align with the movement of your foot. They are definitely loose, and uncomfortable to wear.

Existence of Tolerance on Sock Size

Always make sure the shoe size you choose has a tolerance for the shoe size. Do not let the use of shoes become uncomfortable because of the added socks.

Those were the tips for choosing shoes according to the shape of men’s feet. Then, you also need to know how to choose shoes that are comfortable to use. Okay! (R11/HR-Online)

Editor : Eva Latifah

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