Choosing Between Arterial Surgery and Stenting: Which is Better?

Choosing Between Arterial Surgery and Stenting: Which is Better?

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Cardiology consultant Dr. Munawwar Al-Enezi revealed which is better, arterial surgery or stenting.

Diagnostic catheterization

Al-Enezi said, during a tweet that he posted on his account on the “X” platform: When performing a diagnostic catheterization of the coronary arteries, the doctor notes the extent of sclerosis, the number of affected arteries, whether they are narrow or completely blocked, the location of the stenosis and the efficiency of the heart muscle.

Multiple strictures

He added: In the event of multiple stenosis, there may be two options for treatment, which are the (bypass) operation or grafting the affected arteries by connections taken from the leg veins or chest arteries, or the installation of coronary stents with catheters, which are treated metal tubes installed inside the artery and inflated to maintain its (openness).

arterial source

He pointed out that the ideal case for choosing stents includes narrowing in one or two arteries only, the narrowing is in a limited area and the rest of the artery is clean, and the narrowing does not include the source of the arteries, and the patient cooperates in taking medications (post-stent).

brain strokes

He continued: The ideal case for choosing the operation, the narrowing includes 3 arteries, the final part of the artery is clean, the heart muscle is healthy or has a slight deficiency, and the fact that the narrowing of the arteries is accompanied by a defect in the valve that requires replacement or repair, the patient does not suffer from previous brain strokes or kidney failure.

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Surgery or stenting

He concluded: Between this and that there are cases in which it is possible to choose either of the two methods (i.e. either surgery or stents) according to the patient’s age and personal choice.

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