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Choose comfort – home delivery in Liepaja, Grobina and Cimdenieki!

The online store offers customers a wide range of groceries and daily commodities, giving customers a wide selection of ten thousand items.

A few clicks and the order is on its way to you

According to a study compiled by the Time Use Institute, it is possible to save at least five hours a month when shopping online. The advantage of the e-shop is the ability to conveniently browse the virtual assortment around the clock and place an order without leaving home. Among the advantages is the possibility to choose the most convenient time and type of delivery of goods.

From the store shelf in your home

Each order is assembled from the supermarket shelves, providing the freshest products for your everyday and holiday table. Specially trained assemblers choose the product according to the principles of good practice – selecting the product that they would like to receive. When choosing to shop in an online store, Barbora.lv The prices of the goods indicated are identical to those in the “Maxima” supermarket, thus ensuring not only the same pricing policy, but also access to “Thank you!” loyalty card options when purchasing goods at a lower price.

Simple return conditions

The e-shop provides a guarantee for a refund if the customer is not satisfied with the quality of the ordered goods. Broken jar or jam pineapple? Within 48 hours Barbora.lv the team will take care to fix the accidental problem. Simple return conditions will allow the situation to be resolved quickly.

Payment options

When ordering goods, each customer has the opportunity to browse the promotional items and compare grocery offers, selecting them by brand, package size, ingredients, nutritional value and other criteria. The offered assortment allows you to choose all the necessary goods in one place, without visiting separate grocery sites. Selected items are automatically added to the virtual cart, allowing the customer to easily track the total purchase amount. This is a great way to control your daily or weekly spending, making sure you don’t exceed your budget.

When completing the shopping cart, the customer has the opportunity to choose to pay for the purchase via Internet banking or with a payment card in person upon receipt of the goods.

Think about nature

Online shopping means, firstly, that you do not have to stand in line at the checkout to pay for the purchase, secondly, you do not have to worry about parking in the parking lot of the shopping center, and thirdly, you do not have to cram into the store. Shopping in the e-environment is the way to a greener lifestyle, savings and time for yourself, because one delivery car delivers several orders at once, such a lifestyle saves financial resources in the long run and gives at least one hour of rest or a new hobby.

Is it worth it?

“What will be the quality of delivery? Will the correct items be read in my shopping cart? They will not be brought compressed? These were my primary questions that led me to place my first order in the online store. The excitement was great, but when I received my first order, I realized that the fear was unfounded. The goods delivered were selected on their own, ”says Darta, Barbora.lv customers.

She also adds that ordering in the e-shop is like a cohesive event for the whole family: After placing the order, they look out the window every few minutes to see if the courier has already delivered the much-anticipated snack. ”

Try ordering items with Barbora.lv !

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