Cholera Outbreak in South Africa Claims 32 Lives, Source Still Unknown

South Africa’s cholera death toll rises to 32

China News Service, Johannesburg, June 9th (Reporter Wang Xi) On June 9th local time, Foster Mohale, spokesperson of the South African Ministry of Health, confirmed at a regular press conference that as of now, the current outbreak of cholera in South Africa has The epidemic has killed 32 people, but the South African government has not yet investigated the source of the outbreak.

On the 8th, the Free State Province of South Africa confirmed the second case of death caused by the cholera epidemic in the province. The health department of the province confirmed that the 42-year-old female patient died on the way to the hospital. After testing, she was infected with cholera virus and died. The last cholera death case in the province was caused by cholera virus infection caused by contaminated drinking water.

Subsequently, the South African Ministry of Health announced that as of now, the total number of deaths from the cholera epidemic in South Africa has climbed to 32. In addition, 166 laboratory-confirmed cases and 202 probable cases were recorded. Among them, Gauteng Province, including Johannesburg and Pretoria, is still the hardest-hit area of ​​this round of epidemics, and a total of 152 confirmed cases have been discovered one after another.

Foster Mohale said that after the outbreak, the South African government has tested dozens of water samples across the country, but the exact source of the outbreak has not yet been found. The number of deaths is likely to continue to rise. To this end, he urged the South African public to remain vigilant until the end of the epidemic, avoid using known or suspected contaminated food, drinking water, etc., and strictly disinfect and wash hands during food handling and cooking.

Just on June 8, South African President Cyril Ramaphosa inspected the Harmansklar region, the hardest-hit area of ​​the epidemic, and admitted that the outbreak of the epidemic exposed the omissions of the South African government on the issue of tap water treatment. He promised that the South African government will make great efforts to improve water treatment conditions and facilities in the next three years. (over)

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