“Choke Landlord” was scolded by his spouse … Even his son stated he couldn’t do it Dou Zhikong: he will believe about it | Amusement | CTWANT

Artist Dou Zhikong utilized a homophonic seem to scold Xia Keli as “garbage,” but it was recently discovered that he had entered non-public land to wander with out the owner’s authorization. In this regard, Dou Zhikong claimed that given that the unintended visuals and texts will have unique interpretations, even if the misunderstanding is communicated and described clearly, it will still make the other social gathering unpleasant and reflect on himself.

A netizen accused Dou Zhikong and his group of installing cameras on non-public land, and the host of the assembly stepped forward to inquire when they noticed him, but obtained the reply that “you were not photographed” Oh! So you are the host, you are excellent! I am sorry. ”Subsequently, Dou Zhikong wrote in a restricted-time dynamic,“ I was defeated by the host early in the morning. ”Although the characters had been included up, it was even now regarded a general public trial by netizens, resulting in controversy.

Dou Zhikong said he will replicate on himself. (Photo / Excerpt from IG / bobbyduo)

In this regard, Dou Zhikong disclosed in a confined-time dynamic yesterday (15) that he was reprimanded by his wife, and his two sons have been also next to him to support him “Father are unable to do that” he stressed that he should really not just acquire a photograph and add it, mainly because unintended photos and textual content There will be different interpretations. Even if the misunderstanding is communicated and defined clearly, it will even now make the other occasion not comfortable. “I am going to think about myself and I will believe about it.”

The output unit of “Taiwan No. 1” stated that the filming spot of the system was organized in advance with the guidance of the interviewee and it was not an unauthorized intrusion into personal land. Relating to the misunderstanding prompted by the conversation between the plan team and community residents at the filming location, the creation unit immediately greeted the parties and the landlord by way of the interviewees, and the two sides solved the misunderstanding. .

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