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Another choice of children’s smartwatches: Apple Watch SE!

The second generation of Apple Watch SE was officially launched on September 16. The positioning of the new Apple Watch series is quite clear: among them, Apple Watch SE, with its 40 mm in size and a weight of 26.4 g, is 30.49% higher than the previous generation SE with the same size of 40mm.g is lighter and the new “family sharing” function added to watchOS9 has attracted the attention of many parents of iPhone users.

In terms of specs, Apple Watch SE is also split into two sizes, 40mm and 44mm. The weight of 26.4g has just been mentioned to be lighter than the previous generation SE. Provide a reference, quite popular.Xiaomi Mi Band 7 weighs 13.5gfamous international brand of wearable devices fitbit launches the exclusive Ace3 70g for kidsThere are many recommended parents in the parent-child circle Herowatch 2 weighs 50g without the strap

If you’re an iPhone parent, there’s no need to prepare another iPhone for your child’s pairing as long as you can set it up directly with the Apple Watch SE via the parent’s iPhone.

Parents can use the Apple Watch and Screen Time app on the iPhone to manage their child’s communication restrictions and safety, time spent in front of the screen away from the screen, a “School Time” mode that limits some Apple features Watch during school hours and iCloud, Gmail and other services, mail and calendar settings, and restrictions on inappropriate content, shopping and privacy. The latest watchOS 9 also adds Podcast playback, allowing kids to listen to Podcast content they want to hear directly on the Apple Watch.

Apple also announced that it will open the “Family Sharing Settings” feature at the end of the year. After adding the kids as members of the “Family” app, they will also be able to control HomePod speakers, as well as smart home accessories such as thermostats and lights.

Of course, where the children they care about their parents are now, they can also be found directly from “Find” on their iPhone. You can even allow your child to use the “noise” detection feature in Apple Watch SE to remind themselves how loud they are!

Apple Watch SE is now on sale on Apple’s official website and in physical stores in Taiwan, starting at $ 7,900 for 40mm, with a total of midnight, star and silver colors and a variety of bands to choose from.

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