Choi Na-yeon, who was reluctant to wear a skirt, transformed into a healthy shape

Choi Na-yeon, who doesn’t usually wear a skirt, communicated with fans and revealed her wearing a skirt. [사진 최나연]

Choi Na-yeon, 33, took a flight to the US on the 20th to return to the US Women’s Professional Golf (LPGA) tour. On the morning of departure, I also spent two hours at the gym. Choi Nayeon said, “Exercise has become a life. Even if they are faking a disease, they go to the gym and do it.”

Reduce weight by 7kg and reveal body profile
“I went over to Kyo and later led the filming”
Departure yesterday, start next month

Ahead of the departure, Choi Na-yeon finished an important job. I took a body profile at the end of last year. Body profile refers to leaving a picture of your beautiful body in your youth. In the past, models, celebrities, and bodybuilders were mainly shot. Recently, body profiles are popular among ordinary people who enjoy exercise.

Nayeon Choi

Nayeon Choi

Choi Nayeon lost 7kg for the shoot. “My body and photos are satisfactory,” he said. Until then, he didn’t wear a skirt, saying, “It interferes with the movement,” and he has only short hair. It was far from exposure. That’s why his body profile shot is surprising.

I was curious about the story. Choi Nayeon said, “I am exercising at a health club, but I decided to take a picture by going to the twist of’Let’s take a picture because the muscles come out very well.’ On the morning of the filming day, I felt embarrassed and couldn’t. The trainer and sister were with me, so I didn’t film it. If I were alone, I would never have taken it. But as time passed, I got used to it and I took the lead in the filming.”

Choi Na-yeon, who had been in a slump for a while, found vitality by doing YouTube. He has 125,000 subscribers to the’Nayeon Is Back’ channel. The most among Korean golfers.

He said, “I’m going well, but these days I’m stuck. It seems that people have forgotten about golf for a while because the driving range was closed due to Corona 19. About next week, I will upload a video of the body profile shoot. I hope that the number of users will increase.”

After making a body for golf at home in Las Vegas, Choi Na-yeon will compete in the Gainbridge Championship in Florida at the end of next month.

He said, “My goal is to compete in the tournament this season.” He said, “When I exercise for the shooting, I noticed that my back fat was lost and my core muscles were stretched. I expect to be healthy without injury and always walk on the street.”

Sung Hojun Golf Reporter [email protected]

Nayeon Choi

Nayeon Choi

Nayeon Choi

Nayeon Choi

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