Choi Jin-soo’s reverse final dunk shot beat Hyundai Mobis Orion and wins 4 consecutive wins

Samsung chases 2nd match against the tied 5th team with 2 consecutive wins over the weekend

Professional basketball Ulsan Hyundai Mobis won a thrilling one-point victory with Choi Jin-soo’s dunk shot in the reverse match with one second left after the game ends.

Hyundai Mobis won 77-76 in the away game against Goyang Orion in the 2020-2021 Hyundai Mobis professional basketball regular league held at the Goyang Gymnasium in Gyeonggi-do on the 28th.

Hyundai Mobis, who won four consecutive wins, recorded 26-15, and narrowed the ride to 1.5 games with Jeonju KCC (27-13), the first place.

In addition, the gap between 3rd place Orion (23-18) and the gap between them was 3 games and secured the 2nd place to go directly to the semifinal playoffs.

It was a dramatic match.

Orion, who had been dragged by four points a minute before the end, tied the score with Devin Williams’ goal score and two free throws in the subsequent attack, leaving 34 seconds left.

Hyundai Mobis called for a time-out and attacked, but the new guard Lee Woo-seok was blocked by the opponent’s double team defense and the ball was taken.

Orion, who climbed into an advantageous position, 8.8 seconds before the end of the game, and Lee Seung-hyun got two free throws and put a reverse victory in front of him.

However, Seung-Hyun Lee took the lead by one point with only one free throw, and Hyundai Mobis took over Sean Long’s pass with one second left, and Choi Jin-soo, who took over Sean Long’s pass, became the protagonist of a fierce close-up dunk.

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For Hyundai Mobis, Long scored 27 points and 13 rebounds, and signing-jin (13 points) and Choi Jin-soo (12 points) helped the attack.

In particular, Choi Jin-soo, who was traded from Orion to Hyundai Mobis in November of last year, struck a painful blow to her’parents’.

In addition, the joy doubled by achieving 3,900 points in total in the regular league on that day.

Orion, who had played by Didric Lawson with 25 points, suffered a pain that the team’s free throw success rate was only 50% (9/18).

Recently, in a game of less than 3 points, which can make a tie with a single attack right, he has been defeated in a row with 8 consecutive victories, and his weakness in combat has been repeated.

'Choi Jinsu's reverse final dunk shot' Hyundai Mobis defeats Orion and wins 4 consecutive wins (Total)

Seoul Samsung won a big win 87-69 in the home game against Seoul SK, and swept the 2nd consecutive weekend home game after the previous day before Wonju DB.

Samsung ranked 7th with 19 wins and 22 losses and narrowed the ride to 2 games with a tie for 5th place (Incheon Electronics Land, Busan kt).

If Samsung wins the home game against kt on March 2nd, it can reduce the number of 6th place and rides that can go to the playoffs to one game.

In Samsung, Tericho White (19 points) and Kim Hyun-soo (18 points) led the attack, and in the rebound fight, they showed an edge with 36-27, winning a big win by 18 points.

On the other hand, in SK, Nick Mineras (22 points) and Kim Sun-hyung (15 points) had a battle, but they recently lost 4 in a row and 4 in a confrontation with Samsung.

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In addition, with 16 wins and 24 losses, the ride with Samsung, the 7th place, took place in 2.5 games, and hopes for the semifinals were lighter.

'Choi Jinsu's reverse final dunk shot' Hyundai Mobis defeats Orion and wins 4 consecutive wins (Total)

In Busan, kt won 83-78 against E-Land and tied for fifth place (21-20) with E-Land.

kt was dragged to e-land 62-67 until the third quarter, but Kim Young-hwan, Brandon Brown, and Yang Hong-seok led the attack on the fourth quarter team to overturn the game.

Heo Hoon missed the game with Changwon LG on the previous day due to a thigh injury, but Brown scored 22 points and Yang Hong-seok 19 points to minimize the void.

In the fourth quarter, Kim Nak-hyun and Chabawi retreated to the bench due to successive injuries in the fourth quarter, and the fourth quarter team scored only 11 points.

Kim Nak-hyun scored the most goals in the team with 16 points, but foreign players Jonathan Motri (15 points) and Devon Scott (8 points) were tied to two points each in the second half, and could not keep the lead until the third quarter.

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