Choi Choi Ki-gi, the reason for divorce from Yu Cat-nip, is it related to the production team spoiler

(Source = Choi Choi’s Instagram)

Choi Choi Choi’s article is the topic of the topic while the reason for the divorce of Yu Catnip is the topic.

On the 14th, Choi Choi expressed his frustration about being unable to reveal his inner mind through Instagram.

In response, netizens are sending messages of support, saying, “He’s a wonderful man. I want to see the whole of my three family members”, “A good day will come”, “What we kept with patience will come back to something valuable in the future.”

In TV Chosun’s’We Got Divorced’, which was broadcast earlier, Choi Choi mentioned the parents of both families to Yu Catnip and said, “It’s my life. If there is no wall of parents?” Yoo Catnip showed surprise.

MC Shin Dong-yeop and Kim Won-hee are also surprised by Choi Choi’s remarks. The production crew pointed, “I’m going to see Choi Choi’s father next week.”


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