Chocolate, rain and Nancy Faeser’s success

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At the age of 18 she joined the SPD, against the advice of her father, which was actually more of a nudge in the direction she wanted to take anyway. Nancy Faeser once said many years later that her father was smart about talking against her plan. Because she did what Horst Faeser, social democrat and then mayor of Schwalbach am Taunus, supposedly did not want. And what should help her to a career that is now heading towards her preliminary climax: Nancy Faeser, today 51 years old, lawyer, chairwoman of the SPD Hesse, parliamentary group leader of the SPD in the Hessian state parliament, is to become Federal Minister of the Interior. Not a bad surprise; Until a few days ago, observers of political events would have bet that Christine Lambrecht would move from the Ministry of Justice to the Ministry of the Interior in Berlin. In Wiesbaden, on the other hand, quite a few were sure that Nancy Faeser would try to inherit the incumbent Hessian Prime Minister Volker Bouffier (CDU) in 2023. It’s a thing with prognoses, but at this point there is one thing anyway: The Social Democrats in Hesse will have to look for someone else for the top candidacy for the next state election.

From the SPD politician Faeser to the SPD politician Thomas Will. He doesn’t move to Berlin, but stays in the Offenbach district. In the direct election on Sunday he was confirmed as district administrator in the Groß-Gerau district, with 61.48 percent of the vote. Thies Puttnins-von Trotha (CDU), previously mayor of Ginsheim-Gustavsburg, received 31.93 percent of the vote. Irmgard Horesnyi from the AfD received 3.59 percent, Daniela Zaun (The Party) three percent. The turnout, however, was only 28.59 percent. Will begins his third term in office in a circle where money is tight and the red-red-green coalition has a slim majority in the district council. Jochen Remmert, correspondent for the south of the Rhine-Main area, comments on election success and voter turnout.

Finally, a question: How did you like the weather today? Or, to put it a little broader, the weather in November? And in case you don’t remember, the month had ups and downs from a meteorological point of view. On the one hand it was reasonably warm and dry for the time of year, on the other it was rather cloudy and gloomy, with a monthly mean of 5.3 degrees. That is at least 0.6 degrees more than the long-term normal value. Nevertheless, this November was the coldest since 2016, when the monthly mean reached exactly the same value. The drought was more noticeable than the temperatures last month. At 22.8 millimeters, just 38 percent of the usual rainfall of 59.4 millimeters fell. November 2020 was even drier at 16.2 millimeters, but it was enough for ninth place in the list of the driest November that has been held since 1949. That and more, with a look back at a happy event in the Frankfurt Zoo: on Tuesday in the Rhein-Main-Zeitung.

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And also is in connection with the protests against the further construction of the Autobahn 49 in so far sCharges have been brought against them +++ Due to construction work, the Autobahn 67 at Darmstädter Kreuz will be partially closed from Friday 10 p.m. to Sunday 5 a.m. +++ Hessen imported around 15 million kilograms of chocolate and other cocoa-containing foods in 2020, the largest supplier being Belgium.

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That weather for Tuesday

Temporarily friendlier after snow and sleet, maximum 6 degrees. New snow or sleet at around 0 degrees at night.

date of birth have on

Tuesday December 7th

Gerhard Brey, professor emeritus for petrology and geochemistry at the Goethe University Frankfurt, honored as the namesake of the mineral Breyit (74); Helmut Gold, Director of the Museum for Communication, curator of the Museum Foundation Post and Telecommunications, Frankfurt (63); Thomas Juhe (SPD), Mayor of the City of Raunheim, Chairman of the Frankfurt Aircraft Noise Commission (58); Maja Wolff, actress and cabaret artist known as Anton Le Goff, chairwoman of the Art-Q cultural association, organizer of the Green Sauce Festival, Frankfurt (57); Tabea Roessner (The Greens), Member of the German Bundestag, Mainz (55); Kai Pfaffenbach, Photojournalist from Hanau, recipient of the World Press Photo Award and the Pulitzer Prize (51); Florian Pfeffel, President of the Bad Homburg Accadis University (50);



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