Chocolate at Starbucks Reserve in the Empire State Building

He is an “artist”, he became famous with Yello’s successes, he likes agriculture and is an entrepreneur: Dieter Meier. After huge investments in new production processes, the 77-year-old now wants to conquer the market for fine low-sugar chocolate. For example with Starbucks in New York City.

The artist, musician and entrepreneur Dieter Meier. His innovative chocolate production was the result of research at ZHAW Wädenswil.

Goran Base / NZZ

Chocolate: The Swiss, Austrians and Germans obviously can’t get enough. But even with Americans and in many other parts of the world, the “sweet pleasure” is getting better and better. According to various studies, dark and organic chocolate in particular will become more popular in the near future as it is considered healthier and more environmentally friendly.

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