CHMI warning: Roads and sidewalks should be covered by a dangerous iceberg!

The beginning of the week will be rainy. Sidewalks and roads in some parts of the Czech Republic may be covered by a dangerous glacier on Monday morning. Meteorologists from CHMI have issued a warning, which is valid from two o’clock at night.

The warnings currently apply to the Pardubice Region (Králíky), the Olomouc Region (Mohelnice, Šumperk, Uničov, Zábřeh) and the Moravian-Silesian Region (Rýmařov). However, it is possible that it will expand in the coming hours. She should finish at ten in the morning.

Meteorologists urge increased caution, risk of slipping injuries or traffic problems due to more frequent accidents.

The CHMI alert currently applies to the following districts:

“When moving outside, you need to be very careful, older or less mobile people should limit going outside. Drivers are advised to follow traffic information and drive very carefully. They should expect an extension of the driving time, “said the CHMI.

It will start raining, especially in the north of the Czech Republic, on Sunday evening. At altitudes above 1000 meters, mixed or snowfall can also occur. Temperatures at night drop to -3 to -5 degrees Celsius.

On Monday, meteorologists expect a cloudy to cloudy sky. From the west in places, especially in the northern half of the territory with occasional rain or showers, gradually mostly over 900 meters of snowfall. During the day the temperatures will be between 4 and 8 degrees, at night they will drop to -2 degrees.


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