Chiquis Rivera explodes on Twitter against ‘toxic people’

Chiquis Rivera placeholder image He has taken his networks to make it clear that he does not like toxic people who can find one for life, and has sent strong comments to them through his Twitter account.

The singer daughter of the Diva de la Banda Jenni Rivera, reached a breaking point and expressed from the bottom of his heart his feelings towards all the people who criticize and hate him. Well, he was vulnerable and commented on how much he is exposed to being a public figure and the thousands of challenges that he has to face in the spotlight.

I know what comes with being a public figure, but wow. I also feel … I am also made of flesh and bone … I also have a heartHe wrote from his heart.

The winner of the Latin Grammy for best album “Playlist“Visibly fed up with everything that is said about her on the networks, she exploded and spoke out loudly against toxic people.

Bone do not suck. Toxic PeopleHe continued writing.

And it is that Rivera has had to overcome many situations in recent months, her scandalous divorce from Lorenzo Mendez, rumors of alleged romances, controversies with his family, that’s why he had nothing more than taking a few days a few months ago to work on Janney herself.

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In another message he has published, followed by the previous ones and to calm the waters I joke about something he had written, very much in his style always seeing the positive.

Well, more meat than bone, right? But hey, as I always say … the more meat the broth has, the tastier it is, hahaha“, He finished.


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