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He Chinese Rivers He is one of the best players in Latin American history, but he is also one of the most controversial when it comes to testifying. The Chilean became number one in the world for six weeks, but could not achieve a Grand Slam. However, Ríos always stressed that he took tennis as a job and not as a sport, since ‘it was not entertaining‘. After these statements, the Chilean returned to the charge and pointed against Roger Federer.

In an interview that he gave prior to an exhibition with the Spanish Alex CorretjaChino Ríos spoke about the best players and stressed that he does not like to sit and watch Djokovic. According to his words, he is interested in seeing the players who have some controversies or who offer him “Something different” on the field, giving as examples Nick Kyrgios and Fabio Fognini.

“Federer is not a player that you look at and say ‘How entertaining.’ I like how I play, of course, because he has incredible ease. He is very smart and very good on the track. But he is not a Kyrgios or Fognini, that you see him and you are waiting for a scandal, or for them to make a mess. Now that is entertaining. The same thing happens to me with Djokovic. I don’t find it entertaining. Now tennis is boring. It’s like watching cricket, until a Kyrgios comes out and turns everything upside down.”

Chino Ríos: «I never found tennis entertaining. It was my job, I had to do it.”

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