Chinese version of’Boys over Flowers’ female protagonist,’continental kick’ in a scandal

I got a boyfriend and two kids in America… Controversy “Abandon the child while breaking up”

Jeong Shuang (right), the main character of the Chinese version of the drama series’Boys over Flowers’ [‘일기래간유성우’ 공식 홍보사진]

(Hong Kong = Yonhap News) Correspondent Yoon Go-eun = China was turned upside down by the top actress’ surrogate mother scandal.

According to the Hong Kong South China Morning Post (SCMP) on the 20th, Chinese top actress Jung Shuang (30), who became a stardom with the 2009 Chinese version of “Boys over Flowers” series “Ilgi Raegan Yoo Seong-woo” (1起來看流星雨), is boyfriend producer Jang Heng It was revealed that she tried to have two children in the United States through a surrogate mother, but she broke up with Jang Hung before the children were born, and that the children were also abandoned.

Zhang Heng said in an article posted on Weibo on the 18th that he and his family are not even misled in the United States due to the problem of caring for two young children.

A friend of Zhang Heng also provided documents to the Chinese media about a baby boy born on December 19, 2019 and a baby girl born on January 4, 2020, claiming that they were the children of Zheng Shuang-Jang Heng born in the United States.

He also unveiled a recording of the conversation between Jeong Shuang, Zhang Heng, and their parents about what to do with the children who were still in the surrogate mother’s stomach.

In the dialogue, Jeong Shuang’s father insisted that the children be thrown into the hospital, but Zhang Heng’s father objected that it was illegal.

In addition, Jeong Shuang was annoyed at the situation where his surrogate mother could not have an abortion after 7 months of pregnancy, and Jung Shuang’s family suggested the adoption of the children.

When this fact was revealed, Chung Shuang became the hottest topic in China online on the 18th and 19th.

In the afternoon of the previous day, Jung Shuang responded with “very sad but private.”

In the meantime, he said that Zhang Heng was trying to extort him, and his lawyers were negotiating with Zhang Heng’s family.

Jung Shuang (center), the female protagonist of the Chinese version of the drama series'Boys over Flowers' ['일기래간유성우' 공식 홍보사진]

Jung Shuang (center), the female protagonist of the Chinese version of the drama series’Boys over Flowers’ [‘일기래간유성우’ 공식 홍보사진]

Jeong Shuang, who has 11 million followers, is enjoying great popularity, such as being selected as’The Most Popular Top 4 Actresses Born in the 1990s’ in 2016.

SCMP described him as “an actor who has a huge loyal fandom, although controversy over acting power and personality are repeatedly erupted and doubts about the emotional state are raised.”

The China Global Times reported that Italian luxury brand Prada announced the end of the model contract with Zheng Shuang due to this scandal.

Prada put Chung Shuang as a new model last week ahead of the Lunar New Year holidays next month, but after the surrogate mother scandal hit Chinese society, it cut it in a week.

The Global Times reported that some netizens expressed their welcome to Prada’s actions.

In addition, British jewelry brand Laura Rose and fashion magazine Harper Bazaar also reported that they immediately deleted posts related to Jeongsop online.

SCMP said that the debate on the regulation of surrogate mothers in Chinese society was brought back to the surface due to Jeong Shuang’s surrogate scandal.

Surrogate mothers are criticized for violating women’s human rights and treating women’s bodies as commodities.

Surrogate mothers are not illegal in China, but many local governments do not allow it.

An attorney told SCMP, “The surrogate mother market is growing due to the need for a hole in the law and the market,” and “Brokers are seeking overseas surrogate mothers at the request of clients and solving visa problems.”

In the United States, some states allow surrogate mothers.

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