Chinese to whom the Azores opened the door had left China eight days ago

The eleven Chinese passengers, whom the Azores allowed to land on a private flight after having been rejected by Iceland and Haiti for suspected contact with the coronavirus, left China on 25 January. The Directorate-General for Health had ensured that the flight had departed before January 15, to justify the window period of 14 days and its entry into Portugal. More: it was unknown until now that not two but four countries rejected their entry.

The group of passengers, on a luxury chartered flight, which landed in Ponta Delgada (Azores) after seeing their landings in Iceland and Haiti prevented, left Hong Kong on January 25 and not more than two weeks ago, as he assured the Directorate-General for Health (DGS) and the Directorate-General for Health of the Azores, to justify the authorization given for landing.

According to the aircraft’s flight record, it left Hong Kong and headed for Japan. From there it left for Paris, Reykjavik (Iceland) and Port-au-Prince (Haiti). In these last two stops, they could do no more than supply the aircraft and stay inside it – where they stayed overnight.

But in addition to these two airports, there were two other landing attempts, in the Bahamas and the Dominican Republic, which were not allowed.

The JN has already confronted the Directorate-General for Health (DGS) with the aircraft’s itinerary and the reasons that led to the authorization of its disembarkation, but there was still no reaction. ANA, the manager of the national airports, was also questioned, and has not yet advanced with an explanation and answered what the flight’s history accessed after all.

“The general director of Health, Graça Freitas, guaranteed, on Sunday night, that the eleven passengers of a private flight from China, one of them allegedly from Wuhan, epicenter of the coronavirus, and that they were not able to land in Iceland and Haiti,” did not have an epidemiological relationship with the focus of the disease “.

The official also assured that “after the epidemiological inquiry and clinical history, these passengers, who were Chinese citizens, did not come from the epicenter of the disease. They are asymptomatic. [sem sintomas associados ao coronavírus]”.

Graça Freitas said that she had been in contact with the Azorean health authorities, who had previously informed that the flight had left “Hong Kong more than 15 days ago, having passed through Japan, Iceland, France and Haiti”.

“The Regional Coordinator, Ana Rita Eusébio, and the Delegate of Public Health of Ponta Delgada, Eduardo Cunha Vaz, have already confirmed that there is no specific risk to public health related to a private flight that landed Saturday at Ponta Delgada Airport, coming from of Haiti “, they explained.

According to the Miami Herald, the American daily newspaper, the aircraft – with three crew members and eleven passengers – indicated to Port-au-Prince International Airport [Porto Príncipe], in Haiti, that its origin was Dubai, not Hong Kong as its records show, and that it was headed for the Bahamas.

Ernst Renaud, director of operations at Toussaint Louverture International Airport, in the Haitian capital, told the newspaper that the Bahamas refused entry, and the flight continued to the Dominican Republic, where he could only refuel. Then he went to Port-au-Prince. Taking into account the suspicions that raised the aircraft’s route, the authorities rejected the landing due to suspected public health risks.

To the Haitian authorities, the aircraft commander assured that Portugal and France had already authorized landings and landings. But even so, the landing was not allowed by Haiti, explained Eddy Jackson Alexis, spokesman for the government of the country.

The flight has since left the Azores, heading for France. Although sources linked to Ponta Delgada airport have assured JN that some of the passengers headed for Lisbon on Sunday morning and evening, on two SATA flights, the Azorean air carrier guaranteed that “no passenger from that flight, embarked on an Azores Airlines flight to Lisbon “.


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