Chinese Students in Hangzhou: Fans of Aamir Khan and Indulging in Indian Culture

Chinese Students in Hangzhou: Fans of Aamir Khan and Indulging in Indian Culture

# hang show | BK Rajesh 26 September 2023, 07:24 AM IST Chinese students who are fans of Aamir Khan

What does a land without Google and meta avatars know about the world beyond the Great Wall? It was doubtful before arriving in Hangzhou. But the kids at Shoshang University of Technology were shocked by a single answer. We know about India. We are fans of the local film actor Amy Hyan. The children were shocked when they said in unison. Atar, such an actor? The children immediately tapped Baidu and took photos. Our Aamir Khan! They cast Aamir as Amy in Mandarin. Not only Aamir but everyone has a Chinese name. India is Hindu.

“I am a big fan of Aamir. “I have seen some movies,” said Yin Yantong, an engineering student. When asked which movies, he said some names in Chinese. Yin also said that he had seen Zhugeo Baba several times. Yin added that both ‘PK’ and ‘Three Idiots’ were dubbed into Chinese.

Some had Chinese subtitles. Some were remakes. Saw Ya Miner Three Idiots on WeChat. Anyway, everyone is Aamir’s fan. Aamir is the only Indian that everyone knows. It is not for nothing that Aamir Khan’s PK and Three Idiots, commonly called Uncle Aamir by the Chinese, have collected 100 million yuan. It also answered how Aamir has gathered so many followers on Weibo in a short period of time.

After Aamir, there is another thing that they all love in India, Rumali roti. I had to wait until he gestured to throw and toss to catch what Rumali said in English as Pancake. There are now a few shops in China that sell it. It tastes good with curry. Sometimes we eat – said Xinyi, Zijia Song and Mao Linyuan.

Mao Lin Yuan, known simply as Sang Yue, has another specialty. Apart from Aamir and Roti, she has studied another thing. A namaste with a handshake. When asked how he did it, he said with a mischievous smile that he learned it from the internet. The words of these children indicated that even if not on the border, the ice will not melt in their minds by the end of the Asian Games.

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