Chinese internet giant Baidu enters the AI ​​market with a version of GPT Chat | technology

Chinese internet giant Baidu is planning to launch its own version of the AI-powered chatbot, ChatGPT, according to a report It was published by Reuters.

A person claiming to have knowledge of the matter told the agency that the company will unveil the AI ​​chatbot in March, and that it will initially integrate the tool into Baidu’s main search services.

And while Chinese technology companies are already working on similar AI tools, Baidu’s sheer scale means that its own involvement will be an historic step in a new sector that has huge potential to transform many industries.

Baidu has already invested large sums of money in developing Ernie, the AI ​​tool it has been working on for several years, and this will form the basis of its next version of ChatGPT.

The latest version of ChatGBT was unveiled two months ago by California-based company OpenAI, and the tool was trained using massive amounts of web data and optimized through human feedback, which gives it the skill to respond in text form. to human prompts in a natural and creative way, which made GBT Chat take the chatbot technology to a whole new level.

While ChatGBT still has a number of limitations, it has a lot of potential that may one day replace lawyers, teachers, writers, and more. He can also create computer software.

Similar AI tools also threaten to disrupt the creative industries, with artists becoming increasingly concerned about text-to-image and text-to-video tools.

In a sign of just how massive the technology is powering these AI tools, giant Microsoft recently announced a major investment in AI, while Alphabet, the parent company of Google, is investing heavily in developing AI systems. Artificial intelligence competition amid concerns that Microsoft may use GPT chat to improve the Bing search engine, which could affect Google’s main engine revenue.

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