Chinese doctors: Corona will not be eradicated and may become a seasonal virus

Doctors in China have warned that coronavirus will not be completely eliminated because silent vectors can spread the disease without symptoms, and this means that people can spread the virus without feeling its symptoms like fever and coughing, making it difficult to track its spread.

Chief physician Jin Zhi, director of the Institute of Pathology Biology of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, said the virus was likely to become a seasonal flu and “coexist” with humans.

Global closure efforts have been seen in the past few months in a desperate attempt to slow the spread of the coronavirus, but researchers have warned that it is unlikely to completely disappear.

Corona may become seasonal

The research indicates, according to a report by the British website “Thesun”, that carriers of the disease without symptoms can spread the virus without any symptoms, which makes it impossible to track.

Researchers said that Chinese health officials still confirm that there are dozens of carriers of the disease without symptoms every day, and Dr. Qi said: “This is very likely a pandemic that lives with humans for a long time, and becomes seasonal and sustainable within human bodies.”

However, Wang Guiqiang, head of the Infectious Diseases Department of Beijing First University Hospital, said he doubted whether warmer months would affect HIV infection rates or not.

He said: “The virus is sensitive to heat, but that when it is exposed to 56 degrees Celsius for 30 minutes and the weather will never heat up to this degree, so globally, even during the summer, the opportunity for significant depressions is significantly highly unlikely.”

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“When UK insurance is eased, it is very likely we will see another wave of Covid-19, and it could strike at the same time as seasonal flu,” added Robin Shattuck of Imperial College.

Professor Shattuck, who was working on a vaccine, told The Times: “The real big risk is if we see the number of Covid-19 cases that we see now next winter and we also have a seasonal flu.”

Nevertheless, Professor Shattuck indicated that scientists are still learning about Covid-19, and they do not know whether it will appear again next winter.

“We do not know that there is any seasonality around this virus, but you can imagine that when we start to return to normal life, perhaps during the summer, these cases will rise again,” he added.


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