Chinese defender Zhang Yucheng wins US media’s impressive player of the year award

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Zhang Yucheng.Information photo of newspaper department

The 2023 World Baseball Classic has come to an end. In the highest-level international baseball competition, all countries are doing their best. American media《FOX Sport》An inventory of the impressive players in this classic game, among which Zhang Yucheng, the “Minister of Defense” of the Chinese team, is also on the list.

The report pointed out that Zhang Yucheng, as an infield toolman, played for 4 teams in the last season, and in a total of 190 seats, he surrendered an attack index of 0.605. The most exciting performance this time was the two-pointer against Italy.

The article also mentioned Taiwan’s baseball support culture, “The audience energy in all Group A games at the Taichung Intercontinental Baseball Stadium is unparalleled”, “The coordinated cheering and uninterrupted strong support is something I have never seen before.”

Also on the list are the Japanese team “Reiwa Monster” Sasaki Langxi, “Muragami” Sotaka Murakami, the US team’s Trea Turner who fired three consecutive games, and the Czech electronic technician Sadolia (Ondrej) who struck out Otani. Satoria), Nicaragua’s 21-year-old Fight to Fame player Duque Hebbert (Duque Hebbert), Mexico’s Randy Arozarena and others.

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