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Chinese car giant SAIC brings e-SUV to Austria

The largest Chinese automaker SAIC comes to Austria with the traditional MG brand. The Viennese car dealer Frey has entered into a sales partnership with the Shanghai group. In Germany, there is initially an electric SUV in two versions to buy from 32,000 euros.

SAIC is the world’s seventh largest automaker with $ 136 billion in sales and more than seven million vehicles sold. In 2005, the Chinese took over the British MG (Morris Garages) brand, which had existed since 1924. First, Nanjing Automobile Corp. bought the previously bankrupt manufacturer MG-Rover, shortly afterwards SAIC swallowed up Nanjing.

Now SAIC wants to gain a foothold in Europe with powered MG cars. After Norway and the Netherlands, Austria is the third European country in which SAIC Motor is represented with MG, among other things, announced Frey e-Motion GmbH, a subsidiary of Frey Holding, which was founded for MG sales.


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