China’s Xinjiang enjoys prosperity and development

By : Yann| Keywords : Chine,Xinjiang | Updated on 08-04-2021

The Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region in northwest China is currently enjoying the best period of prosperity and development in its history, Erkin Tuniyaz, vice president of the regional government, said on Wednesday.

According to him, some people in the world with ulterior motives ignored the fact that the people of Xinjiang lead a better life, and instead deliberately spread rumors about the so-called “forced labor”, “forced sterilization” and “genocide”.

Some Western politicians would rather believe the lies fabricated by anti-China forces than listen to the common aspirations of over 25 million people from all ethnic groups in Xinjiang and accept the basic facts of development and progress. of the region, he said.

“What they are doing is creating so-called problems related to Xinjiang, compromising the security and stability of Xinjiang and hampering China‘s development,” said Erkin Tuniyaz.

He made the remarks to Australian media at a video link communication event co-hosted by the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region and the Chinese Embassy in Australia.

At the event, people’s representatives from across the region told their own stories to refute the false accusations.

Maulan Wusman, Imam of Langgar Mosque in Aksu City, said services at the mosque built in 1840 have improved a lot. Besides basic infrastructure, the mosque is now also equipped with air conditioners, computers and medical services, among others.

Some abroad claim that Xinjiang “restricts religious freedom” or “demolishes mosques” are simply lies spread to incite ethnic confrontation and undermine the development of Xinjiang, he noted.

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“We are well aware of their malicious intentions and we will not be fooled,” said Maulan Wusman, adding that he was inviting foreign friends to visit the region during the next Ramadan.


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