China’s spacecraft managed to record images of the entire surface of Mars, what does it look like? page all – Spaceship China, Tianwen-1 is said to have succeeded in obtaining image data or images of the entire planet Marsincluding a visual of its south pole.

The unmanned space mission collects data on Mars after circling the planet more than 1,300 times since the start of last year.

According to China’s National Space Agency (CNSA), Tianwen-1, meaning “search for heavenly truth,” was launched in 2020.

Tianwen-1 landed on Mars, when the rover Zhurong began his mission to travel and explore the planet.

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Among the photos shared by CNSA, showing the surface includes dusty red sand dunes, shield volcanoes, impact craters, south polar ice caps, cliffs and mountains of the Valles Marineris gorge — one of the largest canyons in the Solar System.

“Images taken by the orbiter probe, which circled Mars 1,344 times, imaged the planet from every angle, while the rover explored the surface,” the CNSA said. CNNThursday (30/6/2022).

The Tianwen-1 spacecraft also sent back high-resolution imagery of the rim of the Maunder crater, as well as an 18,000 m view of Ascraeus Mons, a large shield volcano first detected by spaceship NASA Mariner 9 more than five decades ago.

It added, during the rover around Mars obtained 1,040 gigabytes of raw scientific data. The data, has been processed by scientists in and sent to the research team for further study.

CNSA also shares information regarding orbiter flights with the United States Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), and the European Space Agency (ESA). In the meantime, the data will be released to international scientists at an appropriate time.

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On the other hand, due to the drop in temperature during the Martian winter and poor sand and dust conditions, the rover entered an inactive mode since May 18.

Those conditions are expected to last at least until next December, when the landing area will enter early spring where the weather is better.

“The orbiter will continue to carry out tests and prepare for future assignments,” the Chinese space agency said.

Prior to China’s success with the Tianwen-1 mission, only the United States and the Soviet Union had landed spacecraft on the surface of Mars.

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Even so, India, ESA and the United Arab Emirates have sent spacecraft to enter planetary orbit.

Reported from ReutersWednesday (29/6/2022) in 2018, an orbiting probe operated by the ESA claimed to have found water under the ice of the south pole of the planet Mars.

Finding water beneath the surface according to scientists is key to determining the planet’s potential for life, as well as providing a permanent resource for any human exploration there.

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