China’s DNA Collection The World And Its Terrible Reasons


WASHINGTON – Gordon Chang, writer “The Coming collapse of China“says People’s Republic of China (PRC) has been collecting DNA of the world‘s people for years.

According to him, one of the reasons is so dire: to develop a disease that targets not only everyone, but some that target specific ethnic or racial groups. (Read: China Turns On ‘Artificial Sun’, 10 Times Hotter Than The Real Sun)

With more than 80 million health profiles, China has the world‘s largest DNA database, and it’s growing. In an interview with Fox News reported Saturday (5/12/2020), Chang warned that China plans to use this information to create biological weapons designed to target specific ethnic groups.

“The corona virus is not the last pathogen produced on Chinese soil. So we have to worry that the next disease is more contagious and deadlier than the new coronavirus, “said the historian of the United States (US) who is also a professor at Stanford University.

China reportedly collects the DNA of its own citizens for law enforcement purposes, tracing dissidents and shaping surveillance strictly controlled state. (Read:Viral, the bride and groom do a solo photo shoot after lover cancels marriage)

They also found a way to get the DNA of foreigners, including Americans. How exactly did they get this sensitive information?

“Buying American companies that have DNA profiles, subsidizing DNA analysis for ancestral companies, and hacking,” Chang said.

For example, in 2015 it was discovered that the PRC was hacking into Anthem, the second largest insurer in the US. Now the PRC is using the coronavirus to enlarge its DNA database by requesting internationally accepted QR codes for travel in and out of the country and using vaccine diplomacy.


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