China Warns US House Speaker McCarthy Not To Visit Taiwan – Bloomberg

China urged U.S. House Speaker McCarthy not to visit Taiwan. He raised concerns that tensions like those seen when former US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan last year would flare up again.

“We urge certain American individuals to sincerely follow the one-China policy,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Mao Ning said at a regular press briefing on Wednesday. He called for refraining from “any action contrary to the basic norms of international relations.”

The spokesperson did not name McCarthy but answered questions about reports last week about his plans to visit Taiwan. He did not specify what China could do if he actually visited Taiwan.

US House Speaker McCarthy May Visit Taiwan in Spring – Punchbowl

China’s People’s Liberation Army conducted an unprecedented large-scale exercise around Taiwan last August following Pelosi’s visit to the island.

news-rsf-original-reference paywall">Original title:China Urges Kevin McCarthy Not to Repeat Pelosi Visit to Taiwan(excerpt)

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